The Agaves

The Agaves are a New York City area based band blending acoustic rock, jazz, blues and reggae into their albums and live performances.

Evan Jerome, vocals and guitar
Jon Sokolowski, vocals and guitar
Sam Minnitti, guitar
Devane Wilby, keyboard
Hayyim Danzig, bass
David Kessler, drums

For more information, please contact Evan Jerome evanjerome@yahoo.com

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Latest Track

The Agaves just released their latest album! 

When The Moon Rises is the first release of the second incarnation of The Agaves band led by singer/songwriter Evan Jerome. The album taps into an earthy and soulful collection of warm, original songs as we travel East and West down life's many winding roads. Evan Jerome and Jon Sokolowski alchemize their writing skills to bring forth warm-hued tunes from the bouncy "Nurturing Style" to the dreamy, acoustic and poignant "When the Moon Rises", "New Morning Sun" and "Making Peace."

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